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First off, we would want you to feel welcome! Come as you are each time you come but do not be surprised if you leave transformed! We dress casual or as formal as you want. Our style of music is as varied as those who gather with us. Where we do welcome your offerings, we do not expect it as you are our guest. Make yourself a cup of coffee and please do not mind the progress happening as we are updating some of the facilities!


Have a talent you want to use for our Father? Let pastor know! Otherwise, prepare yourself to experience His abundant love. No one loves like the people of this congregation! Pastor Darrell can testify to this!

Take a virtual walk inside and check out what you would expect to see with the pictures at the bottom of this page. Come on in, stroll around and have a cup of coffee! The coffee shop is complete!

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What to Expect: Welcome

Our Beliefs

We are a Armenian-Wesleyan holiness church that believes there is something more. We believe that God desires us to have a closer relationship and wants to be Lord of our lives and not just our hearts. For a link to our corporate statement of belief, click the link below. Feel free to see more of who we are as a denomination.

Locally, we desire to grow in our relationship with Jesus. We believe there is more to our salvation and that God gives us the power through the Holy Spirit to sanctify us in this short time we have. Come on out and join us as we think it is always better when we do it together!

What to Expect: About
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